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About Us

Find out what we do, who we are and why you should buy art photographs in our store

What we do

We enable collectors to gather tales and stunning shots from behind the lens—each piece a journey, each wall a narrative.

Adorn Your Interior, Unfold The World

We specialize in crafting unique photographic prints that capture the essence of adventure and storytelling. Each piece is a window to a journey, designed to add a narrative depth to your space. Our collection is a testament to the beauty of exploration, with every image telling the story of an expedition, waiting to be a part of your personal gallery. Dive into a world where every print is an invitation to travel through stories, making your walls the canvas of the world's tales.

Who we are

Qarted is passionate about stories, films, travel and exploring the world through the lens of camara. Our team is a collection of people in love with imagery and the art of storytelling.
Get to know the heart and brain of our enterprise. Here is our CEO and Artistic Director of Qarted.


At the helm of Qarted

Serial entrepreneur with a deep-seated passion for film directing and photography. The companies he founded are excelling in the European and US markets, showcasing his unique blend of artistic vision and robust business acumen.

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Maciej Jabłoński

Art Director at Qarted

Awarded photographer and documentary filmmaker. Cooperating with National Geographic Poland. Owner of the F11 studio. 2x Grand Press Photo Award winner.

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How we work

Meet our office and studio where we prepare top quality prints especially for your order so that they can be safely displayed on your wall within a few days.

Our Artists

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