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Quality promise

Every print we craft is exceptional, honoring each story, photo, and creator with the showcase they deserve.

Guaranteed excellence in quality

Art is our passion. That is why we take an individual approach to every print at Qarted, using the latest technologies. Our production masters oversee every step of the printing process - from the choice of paper type to advanced printing techniques, individually tailored to the nature and parameters of the work so as to best reflect its character.

High-quality gallery printing takes you on a journey even closer to the art, offering incredible quality and collector value. The result is a long-lasting reproduction, resistant to light and the passage of time, which is a faithful reproduction of the original.

The quality of the print is confirmed by the archival certificates required by the best museums and galleries. From the types of paper we choose to the advanced production process, we deliver the best so that your prints can last for many years in the same breathtaking quality!

Poster or Fine Art: How to Select Your Ideal Print

n fact, whether you order 'Poster' or 'Fine Art' from our shop, the whole printing process looks similar at Qarted. We approach all prints with the same care and attention and treat each job individually. We want you to get your hands on an exceptional reproduction that will impress with its beautifully reproduced colours and high resolution.

If you are looking for a work that will last for hundreds of years in unchanged quality and colour saturation - a fine-art print will be the best choice for you. Fine-art" quality photographs are printed on top-quality archival barite paper with a weight of approx. 300 gsm. Poster" prints are still a high-end production - the posters are printed on photographic papers with a weight of approx. 200 gsm and the high-tech paper coating ensures unparalleled sharpness of the prints, high colour saturation and many years of durability. Poster prints feature an additional Qarted logo.

Certificate of Authenticity

A work of art is much more than its aesthetic qualities. It is also the story and tale that each creator weaves. That is why each work marked as "limited edition" is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity with details of the photograph and its author. The certificate contains the name of the Creator, the title of the work, the designation and length of the series, the year it was taken, the dimensions, the medium, a statement of authenticity and some additional details. You are assured that you are receiving the work of a Creator whose copyright has been secured and whose licences have been paid. In this way, you support the ideas and work of creators around the world!

Safe shipping

From the moment of dispatch until our unique prints reach your hands - we make sure that your order arrives in perfect condition.

After a thorough quality check, the printed photograph is carefully packaged and wrapped in acid-free protective paper. It then goes into a sturdy, protected cardboard tube. This securely prepared package is on its way to you!

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