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NFC Technology

Every print features an NFC tag for easy access to its story and additional information. Our artworks are truly unique and with NFC you always know about them everything

NFC Tag Explanation

Embedded within each of our fine art prints is a cutting-edge Near Field Communication (NFC) tag, affixed on a sticker behind the print, specifically positioned in the lower right corner. This strategic placement allows art enthusiasts to easily connect with the deeper narrative of their purchased artwork. By gently tapping this corner against a smartphone or any NFC-enabled device, the owner is instantly directed to a unique webpage within the Qarted Database. This page unfolds the detailed journey of the print, from its conceptualization to physical creation. This innovative feature not only deepens the interaction between the artwork and its admirer but also provides a tangible link to the print's authenticity, provenance, and the compelling story it embodies. Through the NFC tag, we aim to enhance the art ownership experience, making it a gateway to a more immersive, educational, and personal exploration of the art piece's lineage and significance.

See how it works

Each artwork is equipped with an NFC tag located in the bottom right corner. Simply bring your phone near the tag to uncover a link leading to exclusive information about the photo, including the story behind the image. Discover the essence of the artwork through this overview.

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