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Exclusive & Original Collections

Behind each of our collections lies a true story and adventure. Explore our unique content, crafted by award-winning artists.

Discover Selma Collection

Adventure from the Edge of the World captures the extraordinary 'Selma Expedition' journey through the world's most daunting waters. Experience this amazing photo series, where the fierce Antarctic winds seem to reach out and touch your soul.

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Discover Below 60° S Collection

Grand Press Photo 2019 Winner, 1st place in the 'Environment' Category. Acclaimed by National Geographic experts.

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Qarted Quality Promise

We craft exceptional prints, honouring every story and photo with the finest showcase, because we believe every creator deserves the best.

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NFC Tag Technology

Each of our fine art prints is enhanced with a discreet Near Field Communication (NFC) tag, offering art enthusiasts a unique interactive experience. With just a simple tap, you'll be transported to a dedicated webpage that unveils the artwork's journey from inspiration to realization. This innovative feature not only enriches your experience but also deepens your connection with the art, providing an authentic and immersive exploration of its origins and narrative.

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