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Exclusive & Original Collections

Behind each of our collections is a true story and adventure. Explore our unique content created by awarded real artists

Discover Selma Collection

Adventure from the edge of the world tells the amazing story of “Selma Expeditions”, and their voyage to the most challenging waters in the world. All for the most amazing series of photos that will make the harsh antarctic winds touch your very soul.

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Discover Below 60° S Collection

Grand Press Photo 2019, 1st place in the “Environment” category. The work was recognized by experts from National Geographic

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Discover Kilithon Collection

KILITHON - Kilimanjaro Extreme Marathon is officially the highest starting marathon on Earth. Orginal photos, which is a record of an amazing challenge taken by a group of daredevils.

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Qarted Quality Promise

We craft exceptional prints. We believe every story, photo, and creator deserves the finest showcase.

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NFC Tag Technology

Our fine art prints come with an innovative Near Field Communication (NFC) tag, discreetly placed behind each piece. This allows art lovers to instantly access a unique webpage with a simple tap, offering a deep dive into the artwork's journey from concept to creation. This feature enhances the ownership experience, connecting you directly to the art's authenticity and story through an immersive and educational exploration.

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